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What is Pashmina?

You might most probably already know a lot about Pashmina if you’re thinking to buy it. Still, in case you don’t know, Pashmina actually refers a special type of Cashmere wool, and the textiles which are made from the fine fibre produced from the wool. Nepali Pashmina products are hand-woven clothes from the wool extracted by Pashmina Goat, a special species of goat which is found especially in Himalayas (the high altitudes) Kashmir of Pakistan or India and Nepal.
Discussing about the varieties of Pashmina Products, they are usually the shawls, which are mostly hand-woven and spun by the laborious and gorgeous women of Nepal and Kashmir- which are made from the same Cashmere fibre. They have been manufactured in these places for thousands of years, where the climate is very suitable for the goats to breed in. Mass amounts of Goats are raised, and from the wool extracted, the local women weave the Pashmina Shawls in the expense of their precious time and labour.

Pashmina in Nepal
Among all the places in the world, the pashmina which is manufactured in Nepal for thousands of years (as already mentioned above) is considered to be the best, and has the highest demand all over the world. Called as Chyangra Pashmina (somewhat parallel to the Ladakh Pashmina found in the Kashmir region), the Pashmina spun by the Nepali women has made its own brand value and fame, since there is no compromise in the quality. Most of the Nepal’s topography is suitable for the breeding of the Goats, and hence varieties of Pashmina are weaved here. Usually, Nepal’s Pashmina is renowned for its warmth, comfort and feel.

Why for Pashmina Products?
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